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Sacred Steel #475 (general) #103 (Power & Prog Metal)

country: Germany

The band formed in the 80s when almost all of the members were already playing in bands that could gather underground acclaim. However, after forming Sacred Steel they were able to draw larger attention and success. After opening for bands like Blitzkrieg they were signed to Metal Blade Records in April 1997 being the first German band ever to do so. Their debut album 'Reborn In Steel' was released October 1997 and with great press and fan response, Sacred Steel became one of the top German metal acts in a short time, maybe also due to the renaissance of True metal and successes of bands like Hammerfall.

Sacred Steel can be located somewhere between classic European True metal and heavier Thrash- or Speed Metal, but also draw lots of influences like Fantasy Metal or Doom metal. They have albeit managed to create a very genuine style from their first album on which is mostly due to the unique and unusual vocal performance of singer Gerrit P. Mutz. Their lyrics deal with typical genre topics like battles (especially visible on the concept album 'Bloodlust') or Heavy Metal in general and never fail to offer an honest and dedicated, yet good humoured stance (e.g. the anthems 'Sacred Steel' and 'Sacred Bloody Steel').



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