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Allos #383 (general) #85 (Power & Prog Metal)

country: Brazil

The Band was formed early 2003 by brothers Júnior (Guitarra e Vocal), Edley(Baixo) e Wallace(Bateria). After three years, Wilmer Richard joined the band on the keyboards. The band used to play Narnia and Stryper songs in the early days acting the christian metal scene. The band recorded a demo that time looking for a permanent singer.

In 2009, the band found the KEY person that was missing to the team, Celso Alves, which had already received invitation to join the band. Celso Alves accepted and the bands started to play more on festivals. The sound of the band that time was based on Heavy Metal, Classical and Progressive Rock.

In 2010, the band started to record their debut Album with producers Alan Wallace and André Márcio, The vocals had also the lyrical singer Fernanda Ohara, known for her work with Braia, project led by Bruno Maia from Tuatha de Dannan. In addition to support the recordings, Fernanda Ohara recorded some songs as lead and backing vocal. Spiritual Battle was launched in the end of March 2012.

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