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Perpetratör #1214 (general) #145 (Thrash Metal)

country: Portugal

Perpetratör is a Thrash Metal band from Portugal. Here you can hear some songs and learn updated info about the band.

Perpetratör was created by Rick in 2008, in an afternoon when he was home alone and bored. Having installed some recording software in his computer the previous day due to a home rehearsal, he decided to create and record a complete track on his own. Being an extreme lover of dirty and blackened Thrash, he recorded some riffs, added bass, quickly wrote some lyrics and recorded them, and ended up having a most amusing day. The following day he downloaded some drum programming program and added some shitty drums and hey presto! 'Hell (to the traitors of) Metal' had been recorded!

The name Perpetratör was one of a number of names he had been considering for some day when he eventually would form a Thrash Metal band, something that had been on his mind since the demise of short-lived Axe Murderers, a band that existed during the winter of 2001-2002.

Shortly after, Rick recorded a further track, called 'Hellbitch', in much the same manner. These two tracks were shown to a few friends and that was it. The idea lingered to move forward with the project, and soon Mordred showed up wanting to do a Heavy Metal band. Rick said he had his Thrash thing on hold, one thing led to another and together with old friend Marouco some material was composed at a distance via internet, namely the track 'Purgatory Whorehouse'. Even though there were even physical meetings and rehearsals, time was not right and things just fell apart, and later Rick and Mordred would be a part of the beginning of a Heavy Metal band called Ravensire.

As to Perpetratör, some time later, when recording with another band, Rick showed Paulão the Perpetratör material, and he offered to join in. Rick immediately realized such addition to the project would turn Perpetratör into much more serious a venture and so Paulão was more than welcome.

Truth is it still took a long time for anything to actually happen, and only in late 2012, after Paulão's insistence, Rick sent him lyrics and rough recordings. Then Paulão started working his magic and using his own collection of riffs that he had been amassing since the eighties. Things went quickly, Paulão became the composer of the band, and Marouco was naturally called in to contribute with his top quality soloing.

Feeling this trio worked just beautifully together, no other members for the project were considered, and so a session drummer was used, Ângelo Sexo.

The search for a suitable label lasted some good months, but eventually it ended in the best possible way with the proposition by Stormspell Records, a true Underground Metal label, for the release of the debut CD, 'Thermonuclear Epiphany', that took place in January 2014.

All members have been active in the Metal scene since the late eighties / early nineties.


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