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On Thorns I Lay #1155 (general) #50 (Gothic Metal)

country: Greece

On Thorns I Lay (previously known as Paralysis, then Phlebotomy) is a gothic metal band founded in 1992 in Athens, Greece.

They started as a death metal, under the name of Paralysis, then changed their name for Phlebotomy in 1993. They were originally a trio with Stefanos Kintzoglou handling drums and the lead vocals. They released the demo 'Beyond The Chaos' in 1992 and the EP 'Dawn Of Grief'. In early 1994, the group recorded the 'Voluptuous' demo which secured attention from the Holy Records label.

In 1995, they again changed their name to "On Thorns I Lay" in reference to Shakespeare (The name was suggested by their friend, Nightfall's vocalist/bassist Efthimis Karadimas) and their style got closer to Death/doom style, under the influence of bands like Paradise Lost and Anathema. Little by little, it evolved towards gothic metal, emphasizing melancholic themes, in the way of the band Theatre of Tragedy, having cavernous masculine voices and soprano feminine voices.

In 1994, the founders of the band, Chris and Stefanos, moved for graduate studies to Romania, where they also had some local musicians in their band. The current line-up of the band was formed in 2001, when the band founders returned to Greece.


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