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Kenny L.

27 years old, male, United States
member since February 27th, 2016
last login on February 27th, 2016

123 albums
22 bands
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125 rated albums
24 rated bands
1415 rated songs

Sabaton - April 21st, 2017

Sabaton — United States

Part of "The Last Tour" in support of 2016 album The Last Stand in New York's Playstation Theater.

Support from Battle Beast and Leaves' Eyes.


“Ghost Division”
“The Art of War”
“Blood of Bannockburn”
“Soldier of 3 Armies”
“The Last Stand”
“Union (Slopes of St. Benedict)”
“Screaming Eagles”
“Carolus Rex”
“A Lifetime of War”
“Resist and Bite”
“Night Witches”
“Winged Hussars”
“The Lost Battalion”
“Primo Victoria”
“Swedish Pagans”
“To Hell and Back”

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