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Daydream (1986)

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Moore was born in New Castle, Delaware, only a couple miles from fellow musicians George Thorogood (and The Delaware Destroyers). He began his professional career at age 12 and played clubs and bars until Shrapnel executive Mike Varney discovered him via a demo and bio that Vinnie submitted to the Spotlight column, which Varney headed for Guitar Player Magazine. His connection to Varney led to an opportunity to appear in a Pepsi commercial in 1985,[3] (only Vinnie's hands appeared in the commercial as his guitar playing is heard.[2][4] Following this, Moore recorded his first solo album, Mind's Eye (1986), released onShrapnel Records and featured Tony MacAlpine on keyboards. The album received several awards from guitar magazines and sold over 100,000 copies.[citation needed]

Vinnie Moore played lead guitar with the heavy metal band Vicious Rumors on their debut album, Soldiers of the Night (1985). The album features Moore's solo-song "Invader", which was in the style of Van Halen's "Eruption". The shred guitar craze of the late eighties led to more releases for Shrapnel.[citation needed] Moore also began performing with other hard rock and heavy metal bands.[citation needed]

Moore joined Alice Cooper's band for a tour and then appeared on the Hey Stoopid (1991) album.[5] Moore released two instructional videos on guitar playing.[6][7]

Moore has been the lead guitarist for UFO since June 2003, releasing his first studio album with them You Are Here the following year in 2004. This has been followed by The Monkey Puzzle (2006), The Visitor (2009), Seven Deadly (2012) and A Conspiracy of Stars(2015).

On August 5, 2013, Moore joined the stage to perform live with Peter Frampton on Frampton's Guitar Circus concert at Musikfest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Moore is playing guitar on Red Zone Rider's debut album Red Zone Rider released September 16, 2014.[2]

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